Welcome to Student Media!

Western Oregon University’s Student Media branches are here to inform, celebrate, and give voice to the community.

Welcome to Student Media at Western Oregon University! Student Media is student-funded through the Incidental Fee Committee. We have a campus newspaper (through the school year) called The Western Howl, a podcast studio and radio station called KWOU, and a literary publication called The Northwest Passage.




The Western Howl is WOU’s weekly newspaper. This award-winning newspaper is written, edited and printed by students. Print and digital issues are available on campus and online.  



KWOU is WOU’s student-run podcast studio and radio station. Featuring music, interviews, and specials, KWOU is emerging as WOU students’ favorite place to share thoughts and express ideas.



The Northwest Passage is WOU’s campus literary and arts publication, published three times each academic year. Submissions are sought for stories, poetry, photography and more. Submissions vary by issue.