The Stonewall Center, operating under Student Engagement, is dedicated to providing resources, support, and advocacy for the LGBT*Q+ community at Western Oregon University through compassionate, educational experiences and an engaging community environment. Student Engagement offers professional staff direction (Coordinator, Leadership & Inclusion) as well as a student leadership position (Stonewall Center Coordinator).


The Stonewall Center is an amazing space located on the first floor of the Werner University Center that is fully equipped with comfy couches, great people, a Wii gaming system, and a resource library. The Stonewall Center puts on events throughout the year. Keep checking this page to see what is coming up next.


  • All Gender Restroom located on the 1st floor of the Werner University Center.
  • A list of gender neutral bathrooms can be found here.

Safe Zone:

The Western Oregon University Safe Zone program seeks to form an ally network of students, faculty, and staff committed and trained to provide safe, non-judgmental, and supportive contacts for all WOU community members regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ally, and Asexual identities. We are committed to providing a campus atmosphere of universal acceptance and assistance.

Many staff, faculty, and students on WOU’s campus are Safe Zone Ally Trained. If you keep an eye out you can will see this sticker on many faculty and staff office doors, which indicate they have complete Ally 1 Training.

Stonewall Center Staff

The Stonewall Center staff, John Wilkins, Ashley Flores, and volunteers work to make the Stonewall Center a safe and inclusive space for every member of Western’s community.

The Stonewall Center Coordinator, Ashley Flores

  • Safe Zone Ally Trainer
  • present in the center up to 15 hours a week!
  • hours vary per term

The Volunteers

  • Safe Zone Ally 1 Trained
  • hours vary per term

The Coordinator, Leadership & Inclusion, John Wilkins

  • Staff member
  • Safe Zone Ally Trainer
  • 4-6 office hours per week in the center!

Are you wondering how to get involved? The Stonewall Center is a great place to get involved and make new friends.
Contact stonewall@wou.edu for more information on getting involved.

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