Understand Your Placement Assessment Score

ALEKS Placement Assessment scores cannot be interpreted in the same way as exam grades.

Minimum ALEKS Placement Assessment scores were derived from analysis of the specific skills needed to meet the objectives outlined in course descriptions and syllabi. These scores suggest basic readiness for successful completion of a course.

Since mathematical skills are cumulative, a student cannot master higher-order skills without first demonstrating mastery of more basic skills.

Course Placement and Your Score

You should select one of the courses below only if the course is appropriate for your degree program. If your degree does not require one of the courses listed below, you can meet your General Education mathematics requirement with another course. Your academic adviser will help you select appropriate courses when you are building your schedule. For first-year students, this conversation will occur at SOAR (also see Selecting Appropriate Courses).

Course Minimum ALEKS Placement Assessment score
MTH 101, MTH 105, MTH 110 or MTH 231 No ALEKS Placement test needed; these courses have no prerequisites
MTH 111, 211 or 243 46 or higher
MTH 112 61 or higher
MTH 251 76 or higher

You will not be permitted to take a mathematics course that is above your readiness level (even if you are only one point away).

If you want to place into a higher-level mathematics course, you may use the ALEKS learning modules to improve your score and then retake the assessment.

Your Placement Assessment score expires after one year, so you must take a mathematics course before that expiration date. This will help you satisfy the WOU policy that students must complete the mathematics portion of their graduation requirements by the end of the sophomore year (90 credits). See Take the Assessment.


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