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Elementary Mathematics Specialist (K-8) Specialization and Certificate (EMS)

K – 8 Mathematics leader

  • Common Core graduate mathematics courses at WOU
  • Oregon’s first TSPC approved Elementary Mathematics Specialist program (WOU News)
  • Click here for complete information on the EMS program
  • With the EMS coursework, you earn a TSPC Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader Specialization and a WOU EMS Graduate Certificate.
  • The EMS coursework may also be used for the advanced content/specialty core for a Master of Science in Education – EMS.


Common Core Graduate Mathematics Courses

  • Course descriptions for all math courses can be found here and course availability can be found here
  • These online and online/hybrid graduate mathematics courses may be taken as part of the EMS specialization program, as part of a Masters in Education, as part of your personal professional development plan or as a non-admit WOU student.
MTH 611 Counting and Whole Number Operations: K – 8 Learning and Teacher Practices (3)
MTH 612 Fractions and Proportions: K – 8 Learning and Teacher Practices (3)
MTH 613 Geometry and Measurement: K – 8 Learning and Teacher Practices (3)
MTH 614 Statistics and Probability: K – 8 Learning and Teacher Practices (3)
MTH 615 Patterns and Algebraic Thinking: K – 8 Learning and Teacher Practices (3)
MTH 616 Algebra and Functions: K – 8 Learning and Teacher Practices (3)

EMS Learning Outcomes

Content Knowledge: EMS professionals will know and understand deeply the mathematics of elementary school as well as how mathematics concepts and skills develop through middle school including specialized knowledge that teachers need in order to understand and support student learning of elementary mathematics as specified by the AMTE Standards for Elementary Math Specialists.

Pedagogical Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics: EMS professionals will have a foundation in pedagogical content knowledge as specified by the NCATE/NCTM Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists.

Leadership Knowledge and Skills: EMS professionals will be prepared to take on collegial non-evaluative leadership roles within their schools and districts. They will have a broad view of many aspects and resources needed to support and facilitate effective instruction and professional growth.




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