Improve Your Score

You will not be permitted to take a course that is above your readiness level (even if you are only one point away). If you want to place into a higher-level mathematics course, you may use the ALEKS learning modules to improve your skills and then retake the assessment. You must qualify for a mathematics course before enrolling in the course.

You may retake the ALEKS mathematics assessment up to two more times after using the learning modules. The vast majority of students improve their scores on each subsequent assessment, and 90% of students move up by at least one course. The third placement assessment is the final assessment available to you. After your second assessment, contact the Mathematics Department for information about your third and final assessment.

You must wait 24 hours between assessments, and spend at least 5 hours using the learning modules before taking your second assessment, and an additional 5 hours using the learning modules before taking the assessment for your third and final time. Students who spend at least 15 hours in a learning module show the most improvement in their scores.

You will have six months after your first ALEKS mathematics assessment to improve your score, and after six months your highest score will be the score used for your mathematics course placement. Monitor your WOU student email for ALEKS alerts and deadlines and log into your ALEKS account via the WOU Portal to review your ALEKS scores and deadlines.

Your score expires after one year, so you must take a mathematics course before that expiration date. This will help you satisfy the WOU policy that students must complete the mathematics portion of their graduation requirements by the end of the sophomore year (90 credits).

To access the learning modules, return to Take the Assessment.


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