Take the Assessment

Taking the ALEKS assessment the first time

  • WOU students will access the ALEKS assessment through the WOU Portal
    (you will need your WOU username and password (paw print credentials) to sign in to the WOU Portal)
  • There will be a link to ALEKS under “My Programs”.


If you do not see the link in your WOU Portal under “My Programs” please contact WOU Admissions by phone at (503) 838-8211 or via email at wolfgram@mail.wou.edu

If you need further assistance, please contact Sharon Price, Mathematics Office Coordinator at pricesl@wou.edu or by phone at (503) 838-8465 with any questions you may have.

Important Special Note: You have one year to take the assessments from the first time you complete your registration and see “STUDENT REGISTRATION: REGISTRATION COMPLETE” on the ALEKS web page screen.

Taking the ALEKS assessment a second time

You may take the ALEKS mathematics assessment a second time after using the learning modules. The vast majority of students improve their scores on each subsequent assessment, and 90% of students move up by at least one course.

You must wait 24 hours between assessments, and spend at least 5 hours using the learning modules before taking your second assessment.

Taking the ALEKS assessment a third time

The third placement assessment is the final assessment available to you. After your second assessment, contact the Mathematics Department to schedule your third and final assessment.

You must wait 24 hours between assessments, and spend an additional 5 hours using the learning modules before taking the assessment for your third and final time.

Students who spend at least 15 hours in a learning module show the most improvement in their scores.

You will have six months after your first ALEKS mathematics assessment to improve your score, and after six months your highest score will be the score used for your mathematics course placement. Monitor your WOU student email for ALEKS alerts and deadlines and log into your ALEKS account via the WOU Portal to review your ALEKS scores and deadlines.

Your score expires after one year, so you must take a mathematics course before that expiration date. This will help you satisfy the WOU policy that students must complete the mathematics portion of their graduation requirements by the end of the sophomore year (90 credits).

If your score during your in-person and proctored third assessment is 61 or higher, you may qualify to waive your General Education – Foundations – Mathematics requirement. See ALEKS and General Education at WOU. In order to implement waiving the Gen Ed requirement, you must fill out the form available on the ALEKS and General Education at WOU page.


Mathematics Department

(503) 838-8465 | or e-mail: pricesl@wou.edu