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WOU’s Math Club is an organization intended to promote new mathematical interest and stimulate that interest where it already exists.

General Overview of Activities

We get together about twice a month for talks, discussions, movie watching, and of course food. We are planning on a number of exciting talks for this term and beyond! Our meetings usually consist of talks by WOU students and faculty on various mathematical topics. We also try to bring in guest lecturers whenever possible. Although geared toward students involved and interested in math, our lectures are designed to be accessible to anyone with a college preparatory math background.

Officers and Advisors 2019-2020

President:  Gabe Brehm

Vice President:  Jacob Malmstadt

Secretary:  Rosario Vargas Arreala

Media:  Katherine Wallace

Treasurer:  Jason Weber

General Officers:  Donan “Hunter” Weeks, Riley Lamont, Christopher “Rusty” Olson, Ashley Dawes

Faculty Advisor: Leanne Merrill

2020 Spring Term Meetings:

Date:  To Be Determined

Time:  To Be Determined

Location:  To Be Determined


MAA (Mathematics Association of America)

AMS (American Mathematical Society

AMS Information for Undergraduates

Putnam Competition Archives

Mathematician of the Day




Mathematics Department

503-838-8465 | or e-mail: pricesl@wou.edu