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 Mathematics Teacher Education Major Coursework

Students wishing to obtain their degree in secondary education, may complete their preparation for the basic teaching license with a major in mathematics in a four year program.
MTH 251 Calculus I 4
MTH 252 Calculus II 4
MTH 253 Calculus III Sequences and Series 4
MTH 254 Multivariate Calculus 4
MTH 280 Introduction to Proof 4
MTH 311 Advanced Calculus I 4
MTH 337 Geometry 4
MTH 341 Linear Algebra 4
MTH 344 Group Theory 4
MTH 355 Discrete Mathematics 4
MTH 365 Mathematical Probability 4
MTH 366 Mathematical Statistics 4
MTH 411 Capstone Experience I 2
MTH 412 Capstone Experience II 2
Choose one: 4
MTH 345 Ring Theory
MTH 346 Number Theory
Choose one: 4
CS 137 Introduction to MATLAB Programming
CS 161 Computer Science I
One approved upper division mathematics elective 4
Mathematics Teacher Education majors must have a grade of C- or better in courses that are used to satisfy the major requirements.

This major does not lead to a mathematics degree but may lead to an education degree following the completion of the professional education core in the College of Education. Requirements for admission into education programs can be obtained from the College of Education

Total Total (mathematics) credits 64


  • Depending on your initial placement, there are many possible four-year schedules to earn this degree
  • For your personalized four-year schedule plan, please see a mathematics advisor
  • Western Oregon University sample four-year plan page
  • Note this major does not require a minor




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