Get Ready

Academic integrity

The only purpose of the assessment is to give an accurate measure of your current mathematical skills so that you will have a better opportunity to be successful in your courses. There is no benefit to inflating or deflating your abilities on the assessment. Taking a class that is not appropriate for your current level of mathematical knowledge could delay your graduation. Therefore, while you are taking the assessment, do not consult any other source for help (friends, family, internet searches, textbooks, etc.), and do your honest best.

In addition, as a member of the WOU community, you are expected to uphold the WOU Code of Student Responsibility, which includes doing honest academic work.

What you need

  • Your WOU PawPrint user id (e.g. jdoe16) and password
  • A pencil and plenty of paper
  • A reliable computer and a reliable internet connection
  • 2 – 3 hours of time
  • A space conducive to doing your best work

All other resources are provided by ALEKS

You should NOT use your own calculator. If one is needed to answer a question, ALEKS will provide one automatically for that question.

You should NOT use other resources such as textbooks, websites, or friends. Use of non-permitted resources may result in you being required to take a course for which you are not prepared.

What to expect

This is a free response assessment; there are no multiple choice questions. Before you take the assessment, ALEKS will present a short tutorial on how to enter answers, how to use the graphing utilities, and how to use the built in calculator that will be offered when appropriate. TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS TUTORIAL AND BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THESE FEATURES WORK.


Important Special Note:  You have one year to take the assessments from the first time you complete your registration and see “STUDENT REGISTRATION: REGISTRATION COMPLETE” on the ALEKS web page screen.



Annika Joy Thompson