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Economics/Mathematics Major Coursework

EC 201 Introduction to Microeconomics 4
EC 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
EC 311 Intermediate Microeconomics I 4
EC 312 Intermediate Microeconomics II 4
EC 313 Intermediate Macroeconomics 4
EC 315 Econometric Analysis and Report Writing 4
MTH 251 Calculus I 4
MTH 252 Calculus II 4
MTH 254 Multivariate Calculus 4
MTH 280 Introduction to Proof 4
MTH 341 Linear Algebra 4
MTH 365 Mathematical Probability 4
MTH 366 Mathematical Statistics 4
Economics Electives
Approved upper-division Economics electives 8
Choose Two Mathematics Electives
MTH 314 Differential Equations 4
MTH 351 Introduction to Numerical Analysis 4
MTH 354 Applied Discrete Mathematics 4
MTH 358 Mathematical Modeling 4
MTH 363 Operations Research 4
Economics/Mathematics Capstone Project
EC 413 Economics and Mathematics Capstone I or MTH 413 Economics and Mathematics Capstone I 2
EC 414 Economics and Mathematics Capstone II or MTH 414 Economics and Mathematics Capstone II 2
Total credits 72
*MTH 112 is the prerequisite for MTH 251.
*Economics & Mathematics majors must have a grade of C- or better in courses that are used to satisfy the major requirements.


  • Depending on your initial placement, there are many possible four-year schedules to earn this degree
  • For your personalized four-year schedule plan, please see a Mathematics or Economics advisor
  • Western Oregon University sample four-year plan page
  • Note this major does not require a minor


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