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By participating in the Housing Selection Process (this includes being pulled in as a roommate) you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

  • I will be eligible to browse room choices and make my selection or be pulled into a space to reserve an on-campus living space for Fall Term 2020.
  • I may use this process to sign-up for a specific room for next year and/or select (a) roommate(s). If I choose, or am pulled into a room or apartment by someone else, I am committing to a housing reservation for Fall Term, 2020.
  • I understand that I must be registered for and attend classes for Fall, 2020 (6 credit hours for graduate students, 8 credit hours for undergrad students) to be eligible to live on campus at Western Oregon University.
  • I understand that I will be financially responsible for the fees associated with my selected housing reservation according to the Terms and Conditions of the 2020-2021 University Housing and Campus Dining Contract and the 2020-2021 Room and Board Rates. Due dates for fees associated with housing are posted online in the Academic Calendar.
  • I understand that upon receipt of my residential contract this summer, I am responsible for the information contained within said contract and agree to electronically submit my contract by the contract deadline, tentatively set for 5 pm, August 14, 2020 to hold my specific hall/room/roommate selection(s) and avoid being assigned elsewhere.
  • I also understand that if my plans change, I may cancel my housing reservation. To do so, I must:
    a.)  Submit my cancellation request in writing. (email is acceptable: housing@wou.edu) NOTE: WOU has a First-Year Live-in Requirement. If you graduated from high school in 2020, you may only cancel your housing reservation if you are withdrawing from Western Oregon University.
    b.)  To avoid cancellation fees, I must submit my cancellation request prior to the cancellation deadline for the term which I am applying for.
  • I understand that University Housing may move students to meet the occupancy needs of the program, and that it is my responsibility to check my WOU email and Housing Overview throughout the summer for any information, updates or changes to my housing assignment. 


University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall