The College of Education Welcomes New Faculty Member, Dani Lane

The College of Education Welcomes New Faculty Member, Dani Lane

The College of Education welcomed new faculty member Dani Lane this school year. Lane is a professor in the Special Education Graduate Program.


Professor Lane graduated from the University of South Florida with her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Design with an emphasis in Special Education as well as a Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research. She completed a pre-doctoral fellowship at Elon University, where she then served three years as Assistant Professor. Professor Lane’s dissertation was: Autism and Inclusion in England’s Multi Academy Trust: A Case Study of a Senior Leadership Team.

Professor Lane’s Goals for the 2022-2023 School Year

  • Professor Lane would like to become more involved and connected with the WOU community.
  • She wants to continue to finalize her research focused on inclusion education.
  • Professor Lane wants to learn more about facilitating online courses, as she has only taught in-person classes. 

Why did Professor Lane want to become a Professor?

Professor Lane explained that she was a classroom educator for three years before she became a professor. Each year she had a significant impact on about nine students for the entire school year. As a professor, she is able to have a greater impact on many more students that are going into the field of special education.

What is Professor Lane Excited for this Year?

This year Professor Lane is very excited to be teaching courses at the graduate level. Teaching at the graduate level is the next step in her professorship. Professor Lane is excited to continue her professorship at WOU. She is also enthusiastic about exploring Oregon. Professor Lane said that she came to Oregon for “trees, the rocks, and the waterfalls.” She looks forward to hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking.

Fun Facts about Professor Lane

  • She is originally from New York (a small town between Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse).
  • She has a dog, Cricket, who is glad to be no longer driving across the country. 
  • Her 4-year-old (Juniper) will be starting Pre-K at WOU and her 5-year-old (Clementine) just started Kindergarten in Salem.
two smiling women holding two young girls
Dani Lane and her family

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