Bachelor in Dance 69 credits

The B.A. in Dance is designed to develop well-rounded dancers with a solid foundation for a career in performance, choreography, teaching, or advanced graduate study. Coursework includes technique training in modern, ballet, jazz and hip hop. Theory courses include wellness for dancers, dance production, dance history, composition, and dance pedagogy. 

Performance and choreographic opportunities include student choreography for formal and informal productions, senior thesis projects, guest artist works, faculty choreographic works, performances at the American College Dance Association’s annual conference and in our annual MainStage performances. 

Guest artist programming is a main component of the dance curriculum. We regularly bring in guest artists for workshops, masterclasses, and residencies. Students have opportunities and are encouraged to learn and practice their art in collaboration with students and faculty from other arts disciplines. 

B.A. in Dance Core Courses (69 Credits)

Dancer Wellness Series 9 cr

  • D 240 Wellness for Dancers 
  • D 340 Conditioning for Dancers
  • D 390 Kinesiology for Dancers 

Dance Composition Series 12 cr

  • D 260 Dance Improvisation 
  • D 351 Dance Composition I
  • D 352 Dance Composition II
  • D 455 Advanced Choreography

Dance Production Series 4 cr

  • D 451 Dance Production
  • D 451 Dance Production Lab

Dance Pedagogy Series 6 cr

  • D 491 Creative Dance for Children
  • D 494 Dance Teaching Methods

Dance History Series 6 cr

  • D 252 Latin Dances from Around the World
  • D 453 Ballet History
  • D 454 Evolution of Modern Dance

Dance Technique Series 32 cr

  • Dance Partnering 2 cr

    • D 270 Dance Partnering
  • Modern Dance Technique 12 cr

    • D 280-282 Intermediate Modern Dance 
    • D 380-382 Pre-Advanced Modern Dance 
    • D 480-482 Advanced Modern Dance 
  • Ballet Technique 10 cr

    • D 285-287 Intermediate Ballet 
    • D 385-387 Pre-Advanced Ballet 
    • D 485-487 Advanced Ballet 
  • Hip Hop and Jazz Technique Courses 8 cr

    • D 277-279 Intermediate Hip Hop 
    • D 288-290 Intermediate Jazz Dance 

With just 12 more credits, you can easily add a Concentration to your B.A. Degree in Dance.

Dance Performance and Choreography Concentration  
D 300 Human Movement Analysis
D 399 SS: Dance Concert &/or Musical
D 406 Independent Studies in Dance
D 409 Internship
Dance Film and Technology Concentration 
D 460 Dance and Technology
D 456 Choreography for the Camera
D 406 Independent Studies in Dance
D 409 Internship
Dance Education and Studio Management Concentration  
D 300 Human Movement Analysis
D 320 Dance Studio Management
D 406 Independent Studies in Dance
D 409 Internship



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