Theatre Program

Theatre at WOU provides students with a solid base in acting, directing, technical theatre and design, performance, history, literature and theory. Student can pursue the more flexible BA/BS degree or advanced degree options (BFAs) which allow students the opportunity to engage in rigorous, specialized, pre-professional training in Acting, Theatre Technology, Design, Management or Theatre Education (with teacher licensure). Each term, students participate in professional level productions in various styles ranging from contemporary to classical. 

Dance Program

The Dance Program provides you the opportunity to develop creative, technical, pedagogical, and performance skills under the guidance of professional faculty in a supportive environment. The dance curriculum offers learning experiences that introduce students to historical, practical, technical, and creative aspects of dance. The degree offers a broad scope of applied dance skills and theoretical knowledge, preparing students for graduate study, teaching, and for a wide variety of professional opportunities in the performing arts.

2022/2023 Season

Box Office 503-838-8462

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