Sample Letters

Feel free to use these letters as an example of template, and language to be used.

If you feel you need more help with your letter, feel free to contact our office.

Follow-Up Letters

Thank You Following and Interview Letter

After you have an interview, send a thank you letter to the recruiter/interviewer expressing your appreciation for the interview and stating your interest in at least one or two aspects of the employer or the position. Also supply any additional information or material that was requested during the interview. Close your letter by reiterating your interest in the position and/or organization, and thank him/her again for his/her time and consideration.

On-Site Invitation Letter

Acknowledge the invitation and if you are interested in making the visit, state what dates would be convenient for you. Do not delay. Procrastination makes a bad impression.

Offer of Employment Letter

Acknowledge receipt of offer, restating title of position and salary and expressing your appreciation. Indicate the date you will let the company know your decision and be sure to act before that date

Refusal Letter

In declining the offer of employment, express your appreciation for the offer and for the company’s interest in you.

Letter Seeking Additional Information

Indicate an interest in the company and its offer, if an offer of employment has been made. Be specific about the information that you need. Express your appreciation for the cooperation that you anticipate.

Acceptance Letter

Indicate your acceptance of the offer of employment; restate position classification, compensation offered, and the starting date if previously established. Refer to the date of the original offer letter, telephone call, e-mail, etc. Express your pleasure at joining the organization.

Stalling Letter

If you are not ready to make a decision about accepting an offer, it is permissible to request a delay. This might be the case when you have not yet heard from another employer you interviewed and in which you are very interested. Do not wait too long. Remember, you gain a week in writing the letter. You need not give details on why you wish to delay. A simple statement that you are unable to commit yourself at this time, followed by a request to accept your decision by a certain date, is sufficient.

Letter Upon Receipt of a “Turn-Down”

Thank the employer for the time involved in your interview and for his/her consideration. State your disappointment in not getting the job. Express your appreciation for his/her willingness to retain your resume/application in case of possible future openings.


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