Cover Letters

A cover letter should accompany each resume that you send to a prospective employer. This letter should not repeat the information in your resume, although for emphasis you may restate a point or two. Certainly you can enhance your opportunity for employment by including relevant achievements not listed in your resume.

State why you are writing; identify the position or field of work for which you are applying. Tell how you heard of the opening or organization.

Tell why you are particularly interested in this company, school, location, or type of work. Mention one or two qualifications you think would be of greatest interest to the employer, slanting your remarks to his/her point of view. If you have had related experience, point out specific achievements and how you believe these could benefit the organization.

Refer the reader to the enclosed resume or the employer’s application form. If you have established a Credential File, you may wish to say credentials/reference letters will be sent.

Request the next step in the employment process: personal interview, further information, application forms, etc. Make sure your closing is not vague but elicits a response from the employer.

Cover Letter Examples:

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