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Director, Service Learning & C, Service Learning & Career Development
503-838-8648 | | WUC 119


Assistant Director Experiential Learning, Service Learning & Career Development
503-838-8041 | | WUC 119C


Career Development Coordinator, Service Learning & Career Development
503-838-8652 | | WUC 119

This public directory does not include employees who have requested confidentiality. Please use the WOU internal directory to view all employees.

Brooke Kline

Peer Career Advisor.

My name is Brooke Kline. I am from Cottage Grove, OR. My majors are Biology and Psychology with a minor in Chemistry! With these I hope to attend medical school and become a Pediatric Psychiatrist! My hobbies include going on road trips, listening to podcasts (my favorite one is Radio Lab), painting, spending time with friends and family, and going to the beach! A fun fact about myself is that I am a big fan of the tv show The X-files!

When I am not in the SLCD you can find me in the Natural Science building, or in my room studying.



Ray Barton

Peer Career Advisor.

My name is Ray Barton and I am from a suburb of Los Angeles called Ontario, California. I am currently majoring in ASL/English Interpreting with a minor in Art History. I love to play guitar and watch films. My fun fact is that I have a cat that I named Manson after Marilyn Manson.

When I am not in the SLCD you can find me helping out around campus!


Hailey Johnson

Peer Career Advisor.

My name is Hailey Johnson and I am from Sutherlin Oregon. I recently transferred to Western Oregon University as an Education Major from Umpqua Community College after getting my Associates of Arts/Oregon Transfer Degree. I am passionate about helping people succeed and hope to become an Elementary or High School English Teacher to make a difference in the lives of trauma impacted students. One interesting fact about me is that, before transferring as an ED Major, I was in a music ensemble and tour across Spain and Iceland.

When I am not in SLCD Office, you can find me in the 24 Hour Room doing homework.


Raynie Ehret

Program Staff.

Hello!! My name is Raynie Ehret and I’m a third year here at WOU pursuing a BA in Business (Marketing/ Management) and a minor in Spanish! I’m originally from Olympia, Washington. Growing up, I have always loved baking and planning things! A quick fun fact about me is that I am a meme queen–meaning that I can make a meme out of just about anything!

When I am not in the SLCD you can find me running around Campus!


Zoe Chan Tuyub

Program Staff.

My name is Zoe Chan-Tuyub (she/her/hers), I am studying business with a focus on management, and I am from Sherwood, Oregon. I enjoy hand lettering, hanging out with my dogs, and going to a spin class. A fun fact about me is that I have visited a Mayan Ruin in Yucatan, Mexico.

When I am not in the SLCD you can find me probably working in another department or at home with my fur niece and nephew!


Sandra Garcia Torres

Program Staff.

My name is Sandra Garcia Torres. I was born in Colima, Mexico, and raised in Salem, Oregon. My major is Psychology and I’m hoping to become a professional Mental Health Counselor working with students or patients who have experienced trauma or PTSD. I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, watching women’s soccer, and riding my longboard on a warm and sunny day. A fun fact about myself is that the first time I got on a plane was when I went skydiving.

When I am not in the SLCD office, you can find me in the library, or giving a tour. 


Brooke Roberts

Program Staff.

My name is Brooke Roberts and I am from Roseburg, Oregon. I am a biology major and I’m planning on becoming a Dentist and owning my own practice. I like to play soccer and binge watch Netflix. A fun fact about me is that I can play the clarinet!

When I’m not in the SLCD you can find me around campus, especially the library.