One of the Service Learning Career Development Offices’ goals is to provide opportunities for students to gain professional and community experience to prepare them for life after WOU.

In addition to career counseling, resume and cover-letter reviews, help with graduate school applications, practice interviews, and many other services, we support three programs that give students hands-on experience.

Look below to learn more about how the Service Learning and Career Development Center can help you strengthen you college journey through Experiential Learning!


Please note that this page is still in progress. 

Alternative Break

The AB Program helps organize 1-2 week experiences around the US and the world for groups of 8-12 students to partner with local leaders in community service and cultural discovery.

Joining an AB team is not only a great way to support local communities and participate in a reasonably priced experience beyond WOU, but employers also love to see candidates with resumes that reveal their curiosity and larger world-view.

For more information about Alternative Break, please contact Program Staff at alternativebreak@wou.edu today!

Keep an eye out in Winter 2022 when applications reopen for the next AB Experience (Spring Break 2022)!

WOU Community Internship Program

WOUCIP provides 15-20 paid internship opportunities on campus and throughout the local community.

Students apply for the program in the Fall of each academic year and work 10 hours a week through the Winter and Spring terms.

Some recent internships include Linguistics Research Assistant, Marketing and Graphics Intern, and Alumni Relations Assistant.

Contact Program Staff at woucip@wou.edu if you have any questions.

Applications for the 2021-22 WOUCIP intern positions are now closed. If you missed the deadline, contact Justin Sunada (sunadaj@wou.edufor information on other internship opportunities.

Community Volunteering

Each year, students are invited to participate in day-long community service projects. Projects range from working with residents in retirement communities, cleaning community gardens, supporting local food pantries, and others.

See our list of community partners (link) if you would like to volunteer on your own or organize a project for a group.

Sign-up for our Volunteer newsletter by emailing volunteers@wou.edu down below if you would like to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Contact Program Staff at volunteers@wou.edu for more information on how you can become involved.

Thanks to all who joined our MKLJr. Service Project on Jan. 20, 2020!

Stay in the Loop!

If you would like information about any  of the programs listed above, please take a minute to email volunteer staff below!

Alternatively, you can fill out the following survey (To Be Added). We will let you know about upcoming Alternative Break, Internship, and/or Volunteer opportunities.

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