Internship Fund Application

For more information on eligibility and requirements, visit:

  • Recipients of funding must be currently enrolled and in good standing

  • Examples: "National Park Service"; "Portland Children's Theater"
  • City, State, Country
  • Examples: "Event planning at the Oregon Garden"; "Organic farming with Marion Polk County Food Share"
  • (Name, Address, Email, Phone number)
  • Describe your funding need, e.g. need clothing or shoes, help with transportation/gas

  • 1. INTERNSHIP FUNDING PROPOSAL __________________________________________

    Proposal guidelines:
    All proposals must be well-written and carefully-edited 1-2 page documents (12-pt, double-spaced text, normal margins.)

    1) Provide an overview of the organization that you will be interning with and what your specific responsibilities/projects will be as an intern.

    2) Describe the skills, knowledge, and experience you hope to develop/gain from this internship experience. How will this internship contribute to your career goals?

  • Resume

  • Letter of Confirmation

  • A letter (or saved official email) of confirmation* from either your proposed faculty member or your internship sponsor. Submit a letter or email of confirmation on the organization's letterhead, or an official email. If you choose the email option, please attach a pdf of the actual entire email, including all headings and signatures. This letter/email should be from the organization with whom you propose to intern with this summer.

    This letter from the internship sponsor should confirm that you have been offered the position for the unpaid internship and it needs to include:
    1) the sponsoring organization's name;
    2) the sponsor's name, address, phone number and email address;
    3) the number of weeks for the internship; and
    4) a brief description of the intern's responsibilities.

    *Without a confirmation letter/email, it is highly likely that your application will not be given full consideration and it will be waitlisted.


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