Where can I find a job?

  • A large part of our offices resources go towards helping students find suitable jobs. Our Wolflink program keeps track of all the opportunities available to alumni and students. There are hundreds of jobs available from student workstudy jobs to careers for after you graduate. Every day we are sent new jobs by employers to post and a lot of employers will post jobs themselves so keep an eye out throughout the year. The majority of student jobs available on Wolflink are located in Salem, Dallas, Corvallis, Monmouth, and Independence.

How do I access my work study funds?

  • Work study funds are allocated to students who are eligible and can only be accessed through a work study job. Instead of the your employer having to pay your salary you are paid through your work study funds. Work study jobs are rather competitive and the ones on Wolflink are filled up fast. If you are wondering why you do not have work study or have any questions regarding the distribution of work study you can call the Financial Aid office at  1-877-877-1593

I have applied for a million jobs and can’t seem to land one. What am I doing wrong?

  • Often times when you have applied for a large amount of jobs and are not hearing back there is a problem with some of the fundamental skills needed to land an interview or job offer. In our office we have several packets dedicated to helping you perfect your resume and cover letter. Mistakes on a cover letter or resume are often the reason a lot of students have difficulty finding a job. We also offer Mock Interviews for students who have strong resume skills but lack the skills or are nervous for an interview.


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