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Students gain important insights such as:

  • The value of heightened social awareness.
  • The importance of lifelong active citizenship.
  • The promotion of advocacy of social change within communities.


    Western Oregon University’s AB Western Oregon University’s Alternative Break (AB) Program connects students with transformative hands-on experiences. WOU students partner with volunteer and community organizations to make a tangible difference throughout our local and global communities.

    AB teams travel around the region and world by partnering with local leaders in service, education, and community development projects. AB Teams are usually led by two student Team Leaders supported by one or two faculty/staff advisors. Teams typically consist of 8-12 students who travel for 10-14 days to a regional (e.g. Seattle or San Diego), national (e.g. Houston or New Orleans) or international location (e.g. Honduras or China). While on site, teams serve alongside local community leaders lend a hand with any community projects. Each experience’s focus and location is developed by Team Leaders who are recruited from previous AB experiences.

    AB experiences are scheduled for Spring Break, Winter Break, or early Summer breaks. In anticipation of the experience, teams spend time learning about the culture, discussing the benefits of service learning, developing team chemistry, and refining program details. Teams will do some group fundraising in support of the program and their expenses. AB experience costs typically range from $300 (for local sites) to $1000+ for more distant locations or those with longer schedules.

    The AB program is a great way to experience a rich combination of service work, cultural exploration, and relationship building. Many students describe their time as one of the highlights of their university years. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to join an upcoming experience or propose one of your own!

    Winter 2021 Team Member Application

    We are currently recruiting Team Members for the Winter 2021 Experience! If you are interested in becoming part of a team, please apply here!

    For more information, please contact us at to set up a time to speak with our program coordinators!

    Winter 2021 Team Advisors

    We are currently looking for Winter 2021 Team Advisors! If you are faculty or staff at Western Oregon University and would like to become a Team Advisor please contact us at to set up a time to speak with our program coordinators!

    AB Experiences

    Alternative Break Experiences allow Western Oregon University students to engage in service learning activities as a team!

    Each team focuses on specific social issues through exploration and immersion, and the work begins long before the on-break experience itself. Students work too educate themselves and those around them before starting their hands-on AB Experience with relevant organizations.

    These experiences challenge them to think critically and compassionately—and to understand that together we can make a difference. Upon returning, participants are empowered to make more informed decisions and to take meaningful action that support community efforts.

    Together We Succeed!

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