Study Abroad Aid

Students may receive financial aid for WOU approved study abroad programs as long as they are considered an eligible student (Financial Aid Policies and Procedures for Study Abroad).

Student Responsibilities

If you would like the Financial Aid Office to consider your study abroad expenses as an addition to your budget, you need to:

  • Apply for the study abroad program.
  • Complete a Financial Aid Request for Study Abroad form (attached) to request that your additional study abroad expenses be added to your budget.
  • Complete a Voluntary Application of Financial Aid form (attached) and return it to the Business Office (located on the 1st floor of the Administration Building). This form authorizes the Business Office to transfer aid to the study abroad account and designates where any excess funds should be sent.


Disbursement of aid

Financial aid will be disbursed no more than 10 days prior to the first day of Western Oregon University’s (WOU) regular term or 10 days prior to the first day of the study abroad program, whichever is later. For example: if WOU’s regular term begins on September 25th and your study abroad officially begins October 15th, your financial aid will disburse no sooner than October 5th, not on September 25th. Contact your study abroad agency or the WOU Study Abroad Office if you are required to make payments prior to the disbursement of your financial aid as you may be able to make alternate payment arrangements with the study abroad program.

Aid eligibility

Annual Federal Direct Stafford loan limits cover the academic year and summer term. For example, if you are a junior and are considered “dependent” for financial aid purposes, your annual loan limit is $7,500 whether you attend three or four terms. See below for the annual maximum Direct Stafford loan limits. The amount you are eligible to borrow depends on your other financial aid, cost of attendance and dependency status. Students can apply for private loans through banks or credit unions to cover the costs of study abroad.




Year in School




Additional limits for Independent Students


Freshman (0-44 credits)






Sophomore (45-89 credits)






Junior/Senior (90+ credits)












Tuition fee remissions cannot be used towards study abroad costs except towards the costs of WOU tuition and fees. A financial aid counselor will evaluate your eligibility when reviewing your file and make a final determination. Examples of tuition fee remissions include but are not limited to:

  • WOU Tuition Grant
  • Diversity Commitment Scholarship
  • Laurels Scholarship
  • Presidential or Provost Scholarship
  • International Cultural Fee Remission Program
  • Voyager, Yellow Ribbon and Veteran’s Dependent Tuition Waiver
  • Foster Youth Tuition Waiver

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Satisfactory academic progress will be monitored at the end of each year (at the end of spring term and again after summer session) for every financial aid recipient. Refer to Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements (wou.edu/finaid). To be eligible for financial aid for study abroad, you must be meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements at the time of your disbursement. The Financial Aid Office realizes that grades are not submitted until after the final term of the study abroad program. If you receive notice regarding unsatisfactory academic progress because of no grades, you will need to submit an Appeal to the Financial Aid Office.

PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for submitting all necessary paperwork to our office. Failure to do so may result in a delay or cancellation of your financial aid. Please keep our office informed of your plans and any changes to them.

Students planning to use their financial aid to pay for their study abroad expenses must schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor. During this appointment, the student and counselor will go over the Study Abroad Policies and Procedures for Financial Aid. The student will be able to learn what types of financial aid they might qualify for to use towards their study abroad program. The student is required to complete a change in aid request form, to request that their additional study abroad expenses added to their budgets.

The study abroad programs which are eligible for federal financial aid through WOU are subject to change.


Financial Aid Office

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