Special Education Research Presentations

Special Education Research Presentations

On June 6th, graduate students in the Special Education Program presented their research projects regarding different issues in special education. Below are just a few of the many incredible research projects that were presented.

Trauma-Informed Drama Therapy for Secondary students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities by Carolyn Breedlove

Challenge of Inclusion by Micah Faulkner

How to keep Twice Exceptional Students Engaged in the Classroom by Emily O’Neal

Collaboration Challenges for Serving Special Education Students in Juvenile Justice Facilities by Shelbi Cox

How do we as Educators Support Students with Autism Navigate their School Environment while also Supporting their Unique Needs? By Bre Jennings

Trauma-Informed Teaching to Increase Social Inclusion for EBD Students by Christopher Shimizu

Dual Language Program and IEP Reading Goal

ADHD and the Relationship with Identification Diagnosis Via Males and Females

Effective Systems for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Success Between School and Home by Ellie Wyscover

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