Juvenile Justice Minor

The minor in Juvenile Justice explores through theory and practice, the understanding of causes as well as an implementation of research-tested approaches and pathways to success appropriate for young people both in and outside the criminal justice system. 

What is Juvenile Justice?

Juvenile justice aims to engage the most accurate explanations of causes and interventions of youth offending through analyses of the effects of victimization and family dynamics on at risk children and teens. 

What can I do with a minor in juvenile justice?

A minor in juvenile justice prepares graduates with in depth knowledge of acquisition of necessary skills to ensure success in diverse jobs including direct services to high-risk youth and families, juvenile justice case management and intervention, administration of youth agencies, youth advocacy, and policy in governmental or non-government agencies.

Juvenile Justice Minor Degree Plan


Must be completed prior to completing the remaining required courses:

  • CJ 213 Intro to Criminal Justice (4)
  • CJ 214 The Juvenile Justice System (4)
  • CJ 411 Families and Youth Crime (4)
  • CJ 451 Youth, Crime and Society (4)


  • CJ 344 Comparative Juvenile Justice Systems (4)
  • CJ 461 Youth Immigration and Crime (4)
  • CJ 463 Topics on Juvenile Justice (4)


Choose one of the following:

  • CJ 311 Community-Oriented Crime Prevention (4) 
  • CJ 345 Justice Systems Across Cultures (4)
  • CJ 403 Field Study (1-4) 
  • CJ 444 Restorative Justice (4)
  • CJ 449 Youth Gangs in American Society (4)
  • CJ 455 Correctional Casework and Counseling (4)
  • PSY 482 Adolescence (4) OR SOC 354 Sociology of Deviant Behavior (4)
  • SOC 409 Practicum: Latino/a Ed Mentor (1-16)

TOTAL: 28 credits

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