Cybercrime Investigation and Enforcement Minor

Our mission is to provide students  with an introduction in conceptual knowledge in the field of cybercrime. Students with this minor will possess in-depth knowledge in the prevention, investigation, and enforcement of cybercrimes. This knowledge will serve students well in traditional and emerging positions in the field. 

What is Cybercrime Investigation and Enforcement?

This program combines elements of law enforcement, computer investigative, legal, and security skills, forensics, and other related fields in the study of crime prevention and response to various crimes occurring in the cyber world.

What can I do with a minor in Cybercrime Investigation and Enforcement?

This minor fills an important gap for students who are majoring in Criminal Justice and related disciplines (e.g. social science, psychology, business) and wish to supplement/enhance their current major. The minor is tailored toward the conceptual, rather than the more technical aspects of the discipline.

Cybercrime Investigation and Enforcement Minor Degree Plan


  • CIE 213: Introduction to Cybercrime (4)
  • CIE 305: Ethics: Cybercrime Investigation and Enforcement (4)
  • CIE 321: Principles of Cyber Forensic Investigations (4)
  • CJ 213: Introduction to Criminal Justice (4)
  • CJ 352: Criminal Law (4)


  • CJ 220: Introduction to Homeland Security (4)
  • CJ 331: Police and Community: Policy Perspective (4)
  • CJ 452: Criminal Procedure (4)
  • IS 283: Cybersecurity Fundamentals Criminal Investigation (4)
  • IS 373: Computer Security for Criminal Investigation (4)

TOTAL: 28 credits

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