Research and Independent Scholarship Engagement

Attention The Dream.US Scholars
In addition to the paid Internships, we now have paid Fellowships!

RISE projects should further students’ academic interests and/or career development. They may comprise a paper, performance, or other creative work, research engagement, training opportunity, or be purely experiential
in nature. All RISE projects must have a designated faculty or staff sponsor.

RISE fellows will:

  • Participate in their approved project 4-20 hrs/week. Total time investment must range 40-200 hours, but not necessarily all in one term.
  • Receive a stipend with amount dependent on total hours on project.
  • Participate in quarterly RISE leadership and professional development opportunities offered through the Center for Professional Pathways and Division of Student Affairs.
  • Submit a final reflection on their experience.

More details about eligibility and stipend:
RISE Fellowship White Paper

What does a fellowship look like?

  1. With a faculty or staff member, students brainstorm project ideas.
  2. The student & mentor decide on scope, expectations, and timeline oftheproject.
  3. Students carry out the project under the guidance ofthementor.
  4. Students check in 1x per quarter with the Center for Professional Pathways for guidance on translating experiences and new skills to resume and interviews.

Application Process

You can schedule a time with Erin Lieuallen here in Handshake to discuss ideas for the fellowship priorto applicationif you wish.

Application Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Fellows may be admitted into the program mid-quarter. Application decisions will be announced within two weeks of submission.

example projects