WOU’s Native American Tuition (NAT-WOU)

Western Oregon University’s (WOU) Native American Tuition (NAT-WOU) ensures that undergraduate students who are enrolled members of any one of the U.S. Federally Recognized Tribes will pay the equivalent of WOU resident tuition regardless of their state or country of residence.

NAT-WOU is applicable to all current and new WOU students enrolled beginning Fall term 2022. Students currently enrolled who receive institutional scholarships designated for nonresident students, the total amount of scholarship aid shall not exceed the total direct costs of tuition and fees charged by Western Oregon University.

NAT-WOU does not qualify nonresident students for financial aid programs administered by the state of Oregon that are available only to residents of Oregon.

2022-23 Tuition Rate (15 credits)

In-State Tuition Native American Tuition – WOU Rate Out-of-State Tuition Savings
$8,730 $8,730 $28,710 $19,980


To qualify for NAT-WOU students must provide documentation confirming they are enrolled members of one of the Federally Recognized Tribes included in the Federal Register. In recognition of tribal sovereignty, WOU only accepts the following document types when determining NAT-WOU eligibility:

Tribal identification card


A letter issued by a Tribe’s Enrollment Office as proof of enrollment and membership

Documentation of descendancy alone cannot be used to confirm Tribal enrollment.

Students are responsible for obtaining and submitting the approved document types to demonstrate their tribal enrollment during the admission application process via the student’s Wolf Den application portal. WOU will not apply the discount retroactively for tuition already paid or balances due.

Students who are participants in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) who qualify for NAT-WOU will only have the discount applied to WOU courses and credits.

The application process for NAT-WOU is managed by the Office of Admissions. For questions or assistance, please contact the office of Admissions at admissions@wou.edu. You can also call 503-838-8211 or 1-877-877-1593 (toll free).