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Comprehensive Review

Apply for a comprehensive review

A limited number of students who do not meet admission requirements but can demonstrate a level of preparation that supports a successful transition to college may be admitted by the Comprehensive Admission Review Committee.

The director of Admissions may refer students to the committee after they have submitted:

  • A complete Admissions file,
  • Three letters of recommendation from school personnel who can objectively evaluate your academic preparation (no family, friends, employers or coaches).
  • A personal letter addressing:
    • What are the reasons you don’t the academic requirements?
    • What career or academic goals do you have?
    • Why do you wish to attend WOU?
    • What resources will you use at WOU to help you succeed?

Other considerations

Academic performance is not the only criterion for admission to our university. Western Oregon University offers a comprehensive review of applicants who do not meet the minimum admission requirements. The university takes into consideration additional factors such as:

  • Standardized test results
  • The rigor of courses taken
  • A writing sample or personal essay
  • Other indicators that predict success in college, such as a person’s behavior and background



Conditional admission

Committee review of these materials does not guarantee admission. With conditional admission, additional courses and academic support activities may be recommended or required. WOU has the right to rescind any student’s admission if he or she fails to meet any condition established by the committee.