SSH Secure FTP Client Instructions (FUGU)

Note: this works for Macintosh OS X only.
Access to web files from on campus will now be through the W: drive instead of FTP. However, FTP will still be needed if you wish to edit files from off-campus. Since conventional FTP clients are not very secure, we only allow use of a secure FTP client such as this one.


To set up the SSH secure FTP Client, control-click on this link and choose "download link to disk". The file should start to download. If you aren't sure where to put it, your desktop is a good place. Once the download finishes, go to the place you saved the file to, double-click it to start installing it. Go through the install process and accept all the default choices.


When the install is finished, there will be a FUGU icon on your desktop.(Look for the fish)


Double click Fugu to start the program. You will see the following screen:

Once the program opens, go to the "connect to" are and type:
Username is your campus login name
Port: 22
Directory: /mydocuments

Click "Connect"
You will see the following screen:

Type in your campus password and click "Authenticate"

Using Fugu


When you're connected you'll see your personal folder listed in the Remote Site window (on the right). To copy a file, drag and drop your file into the local site window. To upload a file, drag and drop the file into the remote site window. You can create a new folder remotely by clicking on the "new folder" icon and choosing "remote" for the location after naming the folder. You're now free to drap files into this new folder just as you would any other folder on your "H" drive.

To access other volumes on the server, press the "Go To..." button and enter one of the following in the "Go To" box that comes up.
To access your I: drive (staff group files) type in your FTP group code
To access the J: drive (shared folders) type share1: (That is a numeral one at the end, not a lowercase L)
To access the K: drive (class folders) type class:
To access your P: drive (public_html files) type public_html:
To access the X: drive (WOU website files) type web:

Note:The colons following each folder name are required.

If you'd like to see Fugu's website for other documentation, information, etc. click here.

If you have difficulty with these instructions, please contact me at

Thanks to Charles Anderson for screen shots and putting together this page!