What is the wou portal?

It is a web portal, which is a customizable page designed to make many web resources available in one place. The home pages of yahoo.com and msn.com are good examples of portals; they include lots of information, links and resources, and if you log in, you can customize them to show what you want, and hide what you don’t want. The WOU Portal is available to anyone with a WOU email address, and just like other portals is customizable so you can see the links and information you find most useful. The goal is to make so many useful features available here that you’ll want to use it as your browser’s start page.


How do I get there?

The address is https://wou.edu/portal/. It will take you to the login screen; use your email username and password to get in. If you can’t log in, or you don’t remember your password, a link to the account lookup system is provided.


What is the communication log?

The communications log is designed to make it easy to get information out to a group of people. Anybody can set up a group and give them messages, which they will see when they check the communication log. You will be able to see how many of the recipients have read each message. Currently, this is used by several sports groups, plus student workers and their supervisors, but anyone can start a group and use it for any purpose.



University Computing Services

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