BFA in Theatre Education 137-138 credits

The BFA in Theatre Education curriculum is designed to immerse students in the practicalities of theatre production, and to prepare the student for licensure to teach theatre at the middle school or high school level. Conservatory style training is augmented by traditional academic studies in theatre history, literature, criticism and play reading, and a fourth year in the School of Education.

  • Students pursuing the BFA in Theatre Education will complete 12 credit hours in Pre-Education Core Classes (some of which also count as General Education credits), 44-45 credit hours in the BFA core curriculum, 35 credit hours in the Theatre area of concentration, and 46 credit hours in Education classes in the School of Education, for a total of 137-138 credit hours.. Admission into the BFA program is by interview only.
  • The BFA in Theatre Education is a rigorous and competitive program of study for students interested in pursuing careers in teaching. This pre-professional program is designed to combine intensive training with a liberal arts education and an Education emphasis that leads to teacher licensure. All aspects of theatre are examined, with a focus on education.
  • See a Sample Four-Year Plan Here.

    The overall objectives of the BFA in Theatre at WOU are as follows:
  • To provide a rigorous pre-professional BFA theatre training program to talented and qualified aspiring theatre professionals.
  • To create university theatrical productions of the highest standard which challenge student artists and audiences with plays of depth and vibrancy that illuminate the strengths, frailties and diversity of the human condition.
  • To establish and maintain education and outreach programs for all ages consistent with the artistic mission of the department.
  • To play a vital role in the cultural life of the Willamette Valley, Salem and the region.

Pre-Education Core
(12 credit hours)

  • ED 200 Foundations of Education
  • ED 233 Applied Adolescent Learning & Development
  • ED 259 Special Education & Inclusive Communities
  • ED 373 Introduction to Curriculum and Assessment

BFA Core Courses
(44-45 credit hours)

Additional Theatre Credits
(35 credit hours)

  • D 102 Beginning Jazz Dance OR D 103 Beginning Tap Dance
  • TA 220 Production Participation (4 terms)
  • TA 221 Directing Practicum (2 terms)
  • TA 222 Foundations Workshops (4 workshops)
  • TA 234 Stage Management
  • TA 255 Movement I
  • TA 271 Acting II
  • TA 290 Voice I
  • TA 305 Speech II
  • TA 343 Costume Design
  • TA 346 Scenic Design
  • TA 348 Lighting Design
  • TA 405 Acting Shakespeare
  • TA 457 Directing II

Education Classes
(46 Credit Hours)

  • ED 404 Clinical Experience Seminar I
  • ED 405 Clinical Experience Seminar II
  • ED 411 Clinical Experience I
  • ED 412 Clinical Experience II
  • ED 418 Assessment, Planning and Instruction
  • ED 421 Technology Integration
  • ED 429 Professional Development Seminar III
  • ED 434 Content Pedagogy I
  • ED 436 Content Pedagogy II
  • ED 444 Content Literacy
  • ED 446 Environments for Diverse Learners
  • ED 450 Methods for Classroom Management
  • ED 481 Introduction to ESOL and Bilingual Education
  • ED 498 Clinical Experience III


All students admitted to WOU are eligible to pursue the BA or BS in General Theatre or the theatre minor.  Admission to the BFA program is by audition/interview only.  

Both existing students and new/potential students can interview for entrance into the BFA Production Training Program.  Private Interviews will be scheduled as application materials are received. 

For new/potential students to be considered for the BFA Production Training Program, they must:

  • Be formally accepted to Western Oregon University prior to auditioning. 
  • Submit the following to Professor Michael Phillips via email:  
    • BFA Application (here)
    • Letter of intent, providing highlights of previous theatre experience and plans for future development.
    • Resume (example of resume.)
  • Students may use their interview for the purpose of completing the scholarship application process by first completing the General Scholarship Application at
    • You must have a WOU Portal username and password to access the General Scholarship Application.  This will automatically place your application into all of the categories that you are eligible for.
    • General Scholarship Applications Generally end on March 1.