Career Paths

Common Career Paths

                · Artistic Director

                · Costume designer

                · Dance Choreographer

                · Fight Choreographer

                · High School Drama Teacher

                · Intimacy Coach

                · Make-Up Artist

                · Professor of Theatre

                · Professional Actor

                · Stage Manager 

                · Scenic designer

                · Sound designer

                · Screenwriter/Playwright

                · Speech and Dialects Coach

                · Talent Agent

                · Theatre Critic

                · Voice Artist

The collaborative and organizational skills developed while pursuing a theatre degree are vast, and while some of the career paths pursued by our graduates include the jobs listed above, many WOU theatre graduates have utilized the skills they developed in our program to pursue post-graduate degrees and career paths outside of the entertainment industry. Recent graduates have remained active in theatre within their communities but become business owners, lawyers, professional consultants, film producers, events coordinators, professional gourmet chefs, building contractors, electrical contractors, lighting specialists, interior designers and community organizers—to name of few.   

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