Through generous donations by benefactors on and off campus, WOU has funding available for students scheduled to participate in internships. This funding program is intended to alleviate some of the costs incurred by a student as a result of participating in an internship crucial to their career success. Awards are for costs associated with gas and professional clothing. Awards have ranged from $25 – $250 dollars.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Quick Facts about Eligibility:

  • Student must have an internship offer in order to apply
  • The internship must be related to applicant’s post-graduate plans
  • Both paid and unpaid internships are supported through this fund, although the awards depend on need.
  • Be enrolled at Western Oregon University
  • Be in good judicial and academic standing


Application Process:

Fill out the Internship Fund Application. Attach your resume and a letter of confirmation from your internship site (written on organization letterhead or official email)

To apply, include:

  • Application
  • Resume
  • Letter of confirmation


A letter (or saved official email) of confirmation from your internship sponsor. Submit a letter or email of confirmation on the organization’s letterhead, or an official email. If you choose the email option, please attach a pdf of the actual entire email, including all headings and signatures. This letter/email should be from the organization with which you propose to intern.

This letter from the internship sponsor should confirm that you have been offered the position for the unpaid internship and it needs to include:

1) the sponsoring organization’s name;

2) the sponsor’s name, address, phone number and email address;

3) the number of weeks for the internship; and

4) a brief description of the intern’s responsibilities.


Need help in preparing for and finding an internship? Learn more on our internship resource page.

And check out WOU’s paid on-campus internship program, WOU Community Internship Program



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