Physical Education Teacher Education


The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program prepares skilled and reflective physical education teachers grounded in contemporary theory and practice. Students successfully completing the PETE program and teacher licensure requirements will be authorized to teach physical education K-12.

Future physical education teachers complete a program based on SHAPE America’s most current National Standards for Initial Physical Education Teacher Education. Contemporary curriculum and instructional models frame the physical activity pedagogy series of courses:

  • Movement Education / Skill Themes
  • Dance Education
  • Teaching Games for Understanding / Tactical Games Model
  • Sport Education
  • Outdoor Education
  • Adventure Education
  • Fitness Education
  • Teaching Personal & Social Responsibility

During senior year, future teachers work directly with pre-K and elementary aged homeschooled children, teach grade six physical education at a local middle school, and complete 45 hours of school-based early field experience. Upon successful completion of the PETE curriculum, future teachers move into a student teaching program that leads to licensure. Students wishing to pursue initial teacher licensing in Physical Education at the graduate level should complete the Exercise Science degree with the Pre-education non-licensure track and then apply to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.