HEXS Career Event

HEXS Career Event

By Maddie Little

On February 2nd, 2023 the department of Health and Exercise Science held a career event at WOU.

The goal of the event is to bring high school and community college students to WOU campus, who are interested in health or exercise science. During the event, students who attended gained a deeper understanding of public health, had lunch with recruiters, practiced professional interviews, attended breakout sessions, and looked into future professional opportunities. 

The center for professional pathways invited recruiters from the health and exercise science field to meet with WOU health and exercise science majors. The recruiters shared information about professional life in the field of health and exercise science. During these connections WOU students were able to ask the recruiters about their career. Gay Timken, the chair and a professor in the Health and Exercise Program explained, “The event created many great connections between WOU students and recruiters. There was lots of positive energy.”

At the event, students from high schools all over Oregon, met with WOU alumni and interns. There were a variety of interns and alumni that worked in different health and exercise science fields. The high school students were able to learn more about how the Health and Exercise Science Program at WOU helped the alumni transfer into the professional world. They were also able to learn about the Health and Exercise Program in general.  High school students had the opportunity to ask questions to the alumni and interns about their experiences in the program and in the professional world.

The event also consisted of an admissions presentation and a raffle. At the raffle one student was granted a thousand dollar scholarship to WOU! Other students won WOU swag.

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