CH103: Allied Health Chemistry

Welcome to the online text resource for CH103: Allied Health Chemistry.  The focus of this textbook is to introduce students to the foundations of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry and prepare students to be successful in health-related degree programs. The first part of the textbook focuses on the basic fundamentals of measurements in chemistry, the scientific method, an introduction into atoms, elements and trends of the periodic table.  The second part of the textbook focuses on chemical bond formation, stoichiometry and chemical reactions, an introduction to organic chemistry, and the relationship of concepts to biological systems is carried throughout the text with a focus on medical and health-related aspects.

Downloadable Versions of the text are available here:   CH103 Allied Health Chemistry WORD Version   and     CH103 Allied Health Chemistry PDF Version.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Math for Allied Health Chemistry

Chapter 2 – Atoms and the Periodic Table

Chapter 3 – Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry

Chapter 4 – Ions and Ionic Compounds

Chapter 5 – Covalent Bonds and Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Chapter 6 – Natural Products and Organic Chemistry

Chapter 7 – Chemical Reactions in Biological Systems

Chapter 8 – Homeostasis and Cellular Function


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