OnLine Chemistry Textbooks

In an effort to save WOU Chemistry students money on textbook costs, the WOU Chemistry Department is investing effort in the development and use of Open Education Resources for Chemistry Coursework. Please follow the links below to access currently available resources: (This page is currently under development!  As textbook resources become available the links below will become activated.  Please check with your course instructor for more details and updates.)


100-Level Chemistry Textbooks and Resources:

CH103: Allied Health Chemistry – Foundations in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

CH104: Chemistry and the Environment – Willamette Promise Chemistry (CH104)

CH105: Consumer Chemistry – Foundations in Organic Chemistry

CH150: Preparatory Chemistry – Willamette Promise Chemistry (CH150)

200-Level Chemistry Textbooks and Resources:

300-Level Chemistry Textbooks and Resources:

400-Level Chemistry Textbooks and Resources:

CH450 and CH451: Biochemistry – Defining Life at the Molecular Level



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