Requirements for the CH221, 222, 223 General Chemistry Series

The CH221, 222, 223 General Chemistry series is a fundamental course series taken by students majoring in any of the natural science disciplines, including: Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science.  In addition, many of the Chemistry minor programs require this course series. For entry into this series, students should complete one of the following paths:

I. Scoring a 4 on the Chemistry AP Exam will give you credit for the CH104, 105, 106 series and entry into the CH221 series.  (Note: a score of 5 on the Chemistry AP Exam will earn you full credit for CH221, 222, 223 series and you won’t have to take it!)

II. Completion of High School Chemistry with a grade of B- or above AND placement into MTH111 or above.

III. Completion of a Willamette Promise College Equivalent Chemistry Course in High School.

IV. Completion of CH104 with a grade of C or better AND passing the CH150 end of term placement exam with a 60% or above.

V. Completion and passing of the Chemistry Placement Exam with a 60% or above.



To arrange to take the Chemistry Placement Exam please contact Professor Flatt at or 503-838-8644.






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