Annual Events


Did you know that the Alumni Office hosts events and activities for our alumni and supporters? As part of the Alumni Networks you will receive invitations to these events and have opportunities to engage and have fun with other alumni, university faculty and staff, Alumni Board of Directors members and others! We host events all over the place, including in most of our major alumni regions: Portland, Salem, Seattle, Hawaii, Northern and Southern California, Central Oregon and of course, Monmouth!

Annual events include:

  • WOU Night at the Blazers, generally in the winter
  • Spring Wine mixer
  • Homecoming and Wolves Reunion Weekend, generally in the early fall
  • Hawaiian island gatherings and new student receptions
  • Welcome receptions and networking events

Along with these great events we try to host smaller events such as golf tournaments, wine tours, pub crawls, young professional networking nights and more. If you have an idea for an event contact us today!

Volunteer Opportunities


Do you enjoying volunteering and love WOU? How about planning and prepping for events and activities? Maybe you live in a region with multiple alums and want to host an event but don’t have contact information and need assistance in planning an event. Consider volunteering with the Alumni Office. We need volunteers in all of alumni regions who will serve as liaisons and will help us “rally the troops.”  Volunteers can be used in multiple areas including; career counseling, peer mentoring, planning committees, event hosts, sponsors, event prep and more. To get more information on our volunteer networks and opportunities, visit the webpage and.or fill out the Volunteer form.







Emily Lafon Alumni Relations Coordinator

(503) 838-8710 | or e-mail:  | Location: The Cottage
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