Congratulations Graduates!


Congratulations on graduating from WOU! Becoming a college graduate is a great accomplishment and is something to be celebrated! Now that you have graduated and received your degree, you are part of us, members of the Pack, WOU alumni. Being a WOU alumni means you have access to great opportunities such as volunteer networks, peer mentoring programs, career counseling and resources, alumni events and activities and discounts on WOU gear! Getting connected and making the most of your alumni status with WOU is easy. Just follow the steps below:

The first step every graduate needs to do take to reap alumni benefits is fill out a contact update form with valid information.

The second step is to contact us if you have not received your alumni card, which will give you 10% off WOU gear purchases at the Bookstore. We can be reached at 503-838-8710 or alumni@wou.edu

The Third step is to begin watching your email inbox for our monthly e-newsletter, event invites, university announcements and news and more. Sign up for events and activities in your region to meet other alumni, build your professional and personal networks and give back to WOU.

The below links will navigate to all things alumni and commencement:

Welcome to the Pack as WOU alumni! We’re excited to have you join us!







Emily Lafon Alumni Relations Coordinator

(503) 838-8710 | or e-mail: lafone@wou.edu  | Location: The Cottage
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