Recognizing our alums

There are more than 35,000 living alumni from OCE, WOSC and WOU. Our alums live all over the world and come from very diverse backgrounds. Many alumni deserve to be recognized for their community service, their accomplishments, for earning medals of honor, and so much more! We want your help in finding the alumni who deserve recognition so we can show them off and tell them thank you. If you know someone who deserves recognition, fill out the form below. Alumni chosen to be recognized will enjoy the following:

  • Complimentary attendance to a home football game at Western Oregon University
  • A parking spot behind the stadium during their recognition day
  • An opportunity to meet WOU president, Dr. Rex Fuller
  • Coming onto the field during a home football game to be recognized
  • More!

Alumni recognition form

The form for nominating an alum to be recognized during a home football game and/or other events.


Emily Lafon Alumni Relations Coordinator

(503) 838-8710 | or e-mail:  | Location: The Cottage
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