January 2023

Happy New Year, readers! Here we are in 2023. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and your start of 2023 is going well so far! Campus is starting to get busy again with the return of students and faculty members to start winter term. Winter term starts January 9 and there’s a lot to look forward to this term. Events and happenings this term include:

  • Men and Women’s Basketball alumni nights
  • Introductory events with President Peters and new VP Of Advancement, Katie Wojke
  • Student performances in choir/music and theater
  • Smith Fine Arts shows – see the full schedule here
  • Athletic games and matches – see the schedule of events here
  • Giving day! Save the date for March 7

December was spent tying up lose ends from 2022, planning for 2023, thanking volunteers and board members, celebrating the holidays and taking some time off to prepare for 2023. The holiday season was kicked off with the Annual Holiday Tree Lighting on December 2. It was wonderful to see all the people lining Monmouth Ave. as the parade traveled through campus and delighted spectators and we had a blast serving hot cocoa and hot cider to guests from the alumni tents. It was a great month of celebrating, seeing friends and family, and preparing for a new year.