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Types of Advising @ WOU

    General Advising

    SSA Advising

    In our office, you will be meeting with individuals that have the primary responsibility of advising students. Our knowledge base covers the entire campus, and we are a great resource to get your questions answered. Our office directly advises the following student populations:

    Major Advising

    Faculty Advising

    Once you have declared your major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will guide you through the completion of your major. You and your faculty advisor will work together to navigate the major components of your degree. Your faculty advisor is a great resource for seeking information about the major you plan to pursue or career opportunities.

    Support Advising

    Special Programs

    There are several other general advising resources across campus which are available to you. Below is a list of programs that offer individualized support advising:

    Advisee Expectations

    When preparing to meet with an advisor, it is important to remember that the Advising/Advisee relationship goes two ways; you must be prepared for each meeting. Below you will find a list of expectations your advisors have for your meetings..

    • Be involved in the advising process by being prepared to discuss your goals and educational plans during meetings; and bring necessary materials.
    • Review your graduation requirements on Degree Tracks: log into your Student Portal Western Oregon University - Oldest of Oregon Universities, then click on the “Degree” Icon Academics programs in Oregon
    • Take primary and increasing responsibility for your educational plans and achievements.
    • Be open and willing to consider recommendations from faculty, advisors, and other mentors.
    • Schedule and attend appointments with your advisor each term.

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