Students must complete the following components of any bachelor degree at WOU.

  • Minimum of 180 credit hours including 60 upper-division
  • Minimum of 2.00 (C) grade point average (GPA) in all work completed at WOU
  • Residence: minimum of 45 of the last 60 credit hours completed through WOU
  • Credit limitation of a total of 16 hours for each open-ended course set: (199,399) (403) (406, 408) (407) (409)

For students who started at WOU on or before Spring of 2019, please follow the link for Liberal Arts Core Curriculum.

For students who are starting at WOU on or after Summer of 2019, please follow the link to the General Education requirements.

  • General Education: Students can change their catalog year to the new general education program. Please contact your Advisor for further guidance.
    • The downloadable General Education Guide can be found here.

* If a student chooses to complete two academic majors, no minor is required. If a student wishes to complete a Double Degree, two majors AND a minor must be completed. Some majors may require a minor. For specific information about your degree requirements, consult your academic advisor.



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