Pre-Nursing Program Overview

The Pre-Nursing program at WOU provides the opportunity for students to complete the prerequisite coursework necessary for entrance into a Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing (BSN) or Registered Nursing program (RN).

WOU’s program consists of two years of coursework (roughly 90 credits) with students applying to nursing schools during their second year at WOU.  This time frame depends on each individual student.

WOU’s program is primarily designed to meet the entry requirements of Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), though adjustments can be made to the program if students are considering other Oregon or out of state nursing programs.

Nursing programs (BSN and RN) in Oregon are incredibly competitive and spaces are limited.  Completing WOU’s Pre-Nursing program DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into OHSU or any other nursing program.

The Pre-Nursing program DOES NOT culminate in a degree from WOU and is NOT a major at WOU.

Course Information

Required Courses

  • Anatomy and Physiology*
  • Developmental Psychology*
  • Humanities
  • Microbiology*
  • Nutrition
  • Social Sciences
  • Statistics*
  • Writing
  • Upper Division Non-Nursing 

Optional Courses

  • Chemistry

*Additional requirements to take these courses

NOTE:  These requirements are specific to OHSU.  Other programs may have additional/different entry requirements.  Please contact the institution you are considering for the most accurate information.

Pre-Nursing FAQ’s

Does WOU offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or a Registered Nursing credential?

  • No.  WOU offers the prerequisite courses needed to apply to a nursing school of your choice.  Because nursing programs can have different entry requirements, please contact Student Success and Advising or the institution you are considering for the most accurate entry information.

Where can I find a list of the classes I need to take (referred to as track sheets)?

  • Required courses depend on the nursing program(s) you are considering applying to and can be different between institutions.  Additionally, nursing school requirements are updated annually. Because of this, we do not put the track sheets on the website.  To discuss the courses you should be taking, please contact Student Success and Advising to schedule an appointment with a Pre-Nursing advisor or contact the nursing school(s) you are interested in applying to.

Can I minor in something at WOU while I’m taking the nursing school prerequisites?

  • No.  Because you will not be graduating from WOU if you are accepted to a nursing program, you will not be able to minor in anything at WOU.  Further, there is no space in your schedule for additional classes that are outside of the Pre-Nursing curriculum.

Will my degree be from WOU?

  • No.  If you are accepted to a nursing program, you will transfer to that institution and receive a degree from them.

What if I’m accepted to OHSU’s program at WOU?  Will my degree be from WOU then?

  • No.  Because OHSU is a separate university, you would be considered an OHSU student and your degree will be issued by OHSU.

What happens if I am not accepted to a nursing program?

  • WOU’s Pre-Nursing advisors always discuss and plan for the possibility of students not being accepted to a nursing program.  Because of the competitive nature of nursing schools, we map prerequisite courses to fulfill not only nursing school entry requirements, but WOU graduation requirements as well.  

How long does it take to finish the prerequisite courses at WOU?

  • The traditional length of time is two years.  However, this time frame is adjustable and length of time can depend on your writing and/or math placement scores, ability to get into the classes you need, successful completion of courses, and willingness to be flexible with scheduling.

Can I earn a degree from WOU and OHSU at the same time?

  • No.  You are unable to earn simultaneous degrees from WOU and OHSU.

If I complete the Pre-Nursing courses at WOU, am I automatically accepted to OHSU?

  • No.  Nursing programs in Oregon are incredibly competitive and completion of WOU’s program does not guarantee accepted into OHSU’s program.  However, completing all of your prerequisites at WOU does give you extra consideration for your OHSU application.

Can I use AP credit to fulfill OHSU’s pre-requisite requirements?

  • No. OHSU requires all students to earn a letter grade in the prerequisite courses and AP classes transfer with a “P” grade.

Contact Information

Questions about the program that the website didn’t cover?  To learn more, please reach out via email at or schedule an appointment by calling 503-838-8428. Current students can schedule online through the Portal by clicking on the WCS icon and select get Advising.