What is SafeZone?

The Western Oregon University SafeZone program builds a culture of continual learning that focuses on the lives, experiences, and intersections of LGBTQIA+ identities. We strive to create ongoing training and educational opportunities, improve campus outreach efforts, and provide inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

Our Vision: To provide continuing education to the community about LGBTQIA+ inclusiveness on and off campus.


What does SafeZone do?

SafeZone facilitates training sessions on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. Our primary session trainings include the Yellow training, which focuses on terminology and resources, the Red training, which focuses on communication and the binary, and the Blue training which focuses on Power and Privilege. Our secondary session trainings include Orange which is LGBTQIA+ History focused, Green which is S.T.E.M and Them, and Purple which focus on LGBTQIA+ Healthcare. SafeZone also hosts events on and off campus centered around the LGBTQIA+ community.

How can I participate?

We invite anyone interested in playing a more active role to attend our weekly SafeZone committee meetings.

Please email safezone@wou.edu if you wish to attend future meetings.


Want to learn more?

Check the links at the top of our page to find WOU campus resources, online materials, and other information about the committee and the WOU LGBTQIA+ community. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at safezone@wou.edu.


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