The following scholarships are specific to Spanish students/majors. To learn more about these scholarships, click here. Search for the scholarships by name or search by major/minor to learn more.


R.S. Baker Memorial Scholarship

 Each applicant must meet the following elements:

  • Be a prospective or current full-time student at Western Oregon University
  • Be age 24 or older
  • Have an earned grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher
  • Have a declared major in the Humanities [Communication Studies, English Studies—any track, German Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Spanish]


Leonard W. Rice Memorial Scholarship

Each applicant must meet the following elements:

  • Be a senior at Western Oregon University
  • Have a declared major in the Humanities [Communication Studies; English Studies- Literature, Linguistics, Writing; German; Humanities; Philosophy; Spanish]
  • FAFSA and WOU General Scholarship application, only, are required

Ready to apply? You must be an admitted WOU student with access to the portal. Click-on “Sign In” from (make sure you are signed into the portal) or find the “WOU Scholarships” link in the portal under “Programs for Everyone.” Complete the general application and any additional questions as requested.




Spanish Department

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