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Elementary Certificate in Spanish (Certificate)

The Elementary Certificate in Spanish prepares students to enter the work force with an elementary level of fluency so that they can interact in this language with individuals and companies during the course of their work, both in writing and verbally.

1. Engage in real-life interactions with speakers of the target language in the target
2. Demonstrate respect and empathy in unfamiliar situations with diverse customs and ways
of life.
3. Interact respectfully and appropriately with individuals and companies from different
cultural backgrounds.

SPAN 101 First Year Spanish I, Credits: 4
SPAN 102 First Year Spanish II, Credits: 4 
SPAN 103 First Year Spanish III, Credits:

Note: If students come into the program with previous language experience they might
substitute SPAN 101 and/or SPAN 102 with the following classes with instructor

SPAN 201 Second Year Spanish I, Credits: 4
SPAN 202 Second Year Spanish II, Credits: 4

Total Credits: 12