Spanish Major


The Spanish degree program at Western Oregon University creates and transmits knowledge concerning the Spanish language, literatures and cultures in a climate that promotes ease of communication and mutual understanding. Our program helps recognize Spanish as a historical language of the United States and provide students with the opportunity to build upon their existing linguistic and cultural knowledge. Classes in Chicano/Latino culture and classes where Spanish is considered a significant advantage for different professional careers are offered regularly. We encourage our students to supplement their course work with experience in a Spanish-speaking country and with engagement in Oregon’s Spanish speaking community.

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Spanish BA Major  (53 credits)

Core Courses:

SPAN 201     Second Year Spanish I

SPAN 202     Second Year Spanish II

SPAN 203*     Second Year Spanish III

SPAN 492     Senior Capstone Project

*Students who place above second year can take the CLEP test and/or 12 credits of upper-division courses.

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SPAN 301     Third Year Spanish I (4)

SPAN 311     Sp. for Bilingual Teachers I (4)

SPAN 317     Int. Sp. for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers I (4)


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SPAN 302     Third Year Spanish II (4)

SPAN 312     Sp. for Bilingual Teachers II (4)

SPAN 318     Intermediate Spanish for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers II (4)


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SPAN 303     Third Year Spanish III (4)

SPAN 319     Int. Sp. for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers III (4)



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SPAN 350      Sp. Pronun. & Phon. (4)

SPAN 379      Intro. to Sp. Linguistics (4)

SPAN 380      Applied Linguistics: Spanish (4)


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SPAN 328      Intro. to Latino/Chicano Lit. (4)

SPAN 360      Intro. to Hispanic Lit. (4)

SPAN 370      Survey of Peninsular Sp. Lit. (4)

SPAN 371      Intro. to Latin American Lit. (4)


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SPAN 338      Hispanic Culture & Civilization: Spain (4)

SPAN 339      Hispanic Culture & Civilization: Latin America (4)

SPAN 340      Hispanic Culture & Civilization: Mexico (4)

SPAN 342      Intro. to Lat./Chicano Culture(4)



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Upper-division Spanish courses. (16)

*minimum of 3 courses at the 400-level.





Spanish Department

Department Chair: Dr. Patricia Giménez | e-mail: | phone: 503-838-9541 | fax: 503-838-8056 | location: BELL 305