Spanish Major


The Spanish degree program at Western Oregon University creates and transmits knowledge concerning the Spanish language, literatures and cultures in a climate that promotes ease of communication and mutual understanding. Our program helps recognize Spanish as a historical language of the United States and provide students with the opportunity to build upon their existing linguistic and cultural knowledge. Classes in Chicano/Latino culture and classes where Spanish is considered a significant advantage for different professional careers are offered regularly. We encourage our students to supplement their course work with experience in a Spanish-speaking country and with engagement in Oregon’s Spanish speaking community.

Required courses

Spanish BA Major  (53 credits)

Core Courses:

SPAN 201     Second Year Spanish I

SPAN 202     Second Year Spanish II

SPAN 203*     Second Year Spanish III

SPAN 492     Senior Capstone Project

*Students who place above second year can take the CLEP test and/or 12 credits of upper-division courses.

Choose One

SPAN 301     Third Year Spanish I (4)

SPAN 311     Sp. for Bilingual Teachers I (4)

SPAN 317     Int. Sp. for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers I (4)


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SPAN 302     Third Year Spanish II (4)

SPAN 312     Sp. for Bilingual Teachers II (4)

SPAN 318     Intermediate Spanish for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers II (4)


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SPAN 303     Third Year Spanish III (4)

SPAN 319     Int. Sp. for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers III (4)


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SPAN 350      Sp. Pronun. & Phon. (4)

SPAN 379      Intro. to Sp. Linguistics (4)

SPAN 380      Applied Linguistics: Spanish (4)

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SPAN 328      Intro. to Latino/Chicano Lit. (4)

SPAN 360      Intro. to Hispanic Lit. (4)

SPAN 370      Survey of Peninsular Sp. Lit. (4)

SPAN 371      Intro. to Latin American Lit. (4)

Choose One

SPAN 338      Hispanic Culture & Civilization: Spain (4)

SPAN 339      Hispanic Culture & Civilization: Latin America (4)

SPAN 340      Hispanic Culture & Civilization: Mexico (4)

SPAN 342      Intro. to Lat./Chicano Culture(4)


Choose four

Upper-division Spanish courses. (16)

*minimum of 3 courses at the 400-level.



Spanish Department

Department Chair: Dr. Patricia Giménez | e-mail: | phone: 503-838-9541 | fax: 503-838-8056 | location: BELL 305