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The Department of Politics, Policy and Administration offers our majors and minors a foundational knowledge of politics, policy-making and administration. We emphasize the development of skills in critical thinking and communication that will assist students in future employment and as leaders and participants in our democratic system.

Students can major or minor in Political Science or Public Policy and Administration. We also offer a minor in Legal Studies. In addition, the department is host to the Model United Nations program, in which students travel to several conferences per year in a diplomatic role-playing competition.

Our graduates are prepared for careers in government, law, education, journalism, business and the non-profit sector at the local, state, national or international level.

WOU Success Story:

Public Policy & Administration Major

Justin Martin ’96

WOU Success Story:

Public Policy & Administration Major

Paul Evans ’92

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We educate students about the theories and specific issues connected to government, politics, and larger social concerns. Our students look at issues ranging from the local level, to the states (especially Oregon!), to national and international matters.

The Political Science major centers on understanding and analyzing the context and processes that influence political and governmental structure and change from the local to the global level.
The Public Policy and Administration major emphasizes interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, and the opportunity to specialize in one applied field of public administration and policy.

Students may also minor in Legal Studies in preparation for a career in a legal profession.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • the structure and processes of local, state, national and foreign governments
  • analytical and theoretical approaches to political problems
  • the evolution of law and policy
  • public policy development and implementation
  • practical experience through active learning and internships
  • Skill development in research, critical thinking, communication, public outreach, advocacy and leadership



Politics, Policy, & Administration

Dr. Earlene Camarillo | 503-838-9350 | or e-mail: camarilloe@wou.edu | Location: Bellamy Hall (BELL 206)